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         TSRC not only specialized in producing various commodity products, but also succeeds in producing specialty products and has developed the vital granule T-blend brand. T-Blend® is a compounded thermoplastic material composed primarily of SBS or SEBS. Its hardness and physical properties can be adjusted, and it is extremely weather/low-temperature resistant. Its formulation can be designed to meet the needs of individual customers and its product scrap can be recycled, thus reducing production costs; and it can be directly injected or extruded, thus saving time. TSRC operates vital granule T-Blend® TPE applied materials plants in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Song-Jiang, Shanghai; and Jinan, Shandong; as well as sales offices in Taiwan, Eastern China, Northern China, and Southern China. TSRC has established a TPE Application Center in Kaohsiung to serve as a bridge for communication with customers. In addition to bringing in advanced sophisticated instruments and equipments, the Center’s elite R&D team carries out close technological cooperation with overseas academic organizations and professional research institutions, primarily with the aim of expanding the scope of application of SEBS and its compounding products.
This product utilizes thermoplastic rubber and other fillers, which are smelt via the mixer after being prepared in accordance with a certain proportion, granulated via the granulator, go through such procedures as granule cooling, dehydration and drying before they are mixed evenly and packed.
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 The raw material of vital granule T-Blend®, Taipol® TPE, is produced and supplied by TSRC itself, and the production/sales mode whereby the upstream and the downstream are integrated makes the T-Blend® more competitive. And, the customized services provided make it easy to answers all questions of the customer relating to the raw material and end products. As to technologies, TSRC has established an TPE Application Center dedicated to technology services, which boasts professional senior R&D personnel, precision test instruments, and foreign technology consultants, cooperates with foreign academic institutions to provide specialized after sales services and herald development of new technologies to offer the customers with all-round technology support actually.
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