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        Our soft materials have soft touch, that is, physical properties and hardness that can be adjusted, confirm to ergonomics, can be injected and extruded directly to save time. The application of the active T--Blend® material with comfortable hand-feel in high-class and manual tool handles, toys, sports equipment and electronic products makes the products more modern and valuable and it is a popular innovative material among the designers.
Soft hand-feel, soft (sense of hold), conforming to ergonomics
Good shock-proof and anti-slippery effects
Good weather resistance (aging, UV, O3 tests, etc) and color match
A wide range of hardness available (from Shore A~ Rockwell D)
Strong ability to bond with commonly used plastics such as PP, ABS, PC and Nylon, etc.
1001-60C 1002-55C 1002-35C 1000-45C 1001-50C 1003-50C
2101-55N 0201-40N 0203-55N 1002-35C 0302-65N 0304-65N
0300-75N 1002-65C 6100B-SB 5292N-PE-1 9591N-TY 9000N-SB
4792N-NB 0010C-NE 0092N-NE 6692C-PE
0492N-NE 0892N-NE-4 2102-10T 0492N-NE 0892N-NE-4 2102-10T
2101-35N 2001-00C-30 2000-00C-30 2100-10T 2001-00C-20 0092N-NE-45
4801B-SP 0292N-NE 0692N-NE 9651N-PR 0892N-NE
2101-15T 6031N-SI 6594N-PA-50 6800N-AB-T 4692C-PC 1800N-NB
5005N-EE 3004N-PE 5500B-EE 5503N-PE 5592N-NB 5702N-PB
5792N-PE 6600N-PE 7000N-PB 7500N-LP 8004N-PE 8522B-NB
4404N-PE 5700N-PB 3592N-PE 6500N-PB 5510N-PE 4594N-DV
9094N-DV 4592N-NB 5800N-AB 6594N-NL 4404N-SP 5531N-SI
7500N-GP 6500N-GP 6792N-PE 8008N-PE
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