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The vital granule T-Blend® uses SEBS material in TPE, can be used for wire/cable jackets, mobile phone charger wires, earphone wires, audio wires and computer buses and is a widely recognized toxicity-free and environment friendly product.
※Product development objectives of fire resistant, environment friendly TPE materials of wires and cables:
High compatibility between the main material-SEBS and the agents added
High heat resistance, high strength and high deformity with PP and compatible plastic adjusted
Fire resistant agent selection (metallic, phosphorous, phosphorous nitrogen and others)
Supplementary fire resistant agents of fire retardants to improve the fire resistant property
Adjust the electrical properties and physical properties of the material (s) as per customer requirements
Recyclable, environment friendly, conform to ROHS requirements and may conform the UL requirements
Excellent process ability: can be processed between 180~220
Excellent heat resistance: can pass the 136×168hr heat resistance test
With both soft and suface-smooth properties
Qualified for physical property test: such as tension strength test, elongation test
Qualified for electrical properties tests:
>Spark Test >Deformation Test
>Voltage Test >Burn-resistant VW-1 Test
>Heat Shock Test >Migration Test
>Insulation Resistance >Cold Bend Test
Material TPE System
Burn-resistant Up to V-0 Up to V-0 Up to V-0 Up to V-0 Up to V-0
Process ability
Excellent   Good   Poor
Cell phone charger
Power cords
Earphone wires
Audio cables
Computer flat cables
 6594B-G82E-1  6594B-G82E-A  6594B-G88E  6594B-G92E  6594N-G70E  6594B-G70E-A
 6594B-G70E-M  6594B-G80E-A  6594B-G80E-M  6594B-G88E  6594B-G82E-1  6594B-G82E-P
 9203B-N85E  9203B-N80I-N1  9203B-F80I-X  9203B-F85E-X  7594N-PE-T
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