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The SEBS gasket material of vital granule T-Blend® can replace EPDM and PVC, and be used for a wide variety of interior decorative gaskets and door/ window sealings of building. The final application products have smooth surfaces, are soft to touch and possess excellent compression twist and reboundness. The material is free of halogen and carcinogens plasticizers, and conforms to the laws and regulations of EU; its manufacturing processes are simple to save time and energy, the waste materials can be fully recycled. The material can replace EPDM and PVC and is a new generation of environment friendly material.
       SEBS ( T-Blend® )       EPDM
      Simple processing techniques, low
      processing  cost
      Complex processing techniques and high
      Need not vulcanized       Need not be vulcanized
      Stable process, less defective products; 
can 100%  be recycled
      High rate of defective products that can
      not be recycled
      Good coloring; can be made into color
      can not be made into color products
      Simple processing equipment, low cost       Complex processing equipment, high cost
      Good handfeel       Ordinary handfeel
      Excellent sea water resistance       Good sea water resistance
Excellent flexibility and quality
Excellent weather resistance, O3 resistance and UV-ray resistance
Excellent sealed water-proof

Door/window sealing strip
Refrigerator sealing strip
Railway buffer strip
Door/window gaskets of automobiles and yachts
 6594N-WGS55X  6594N-WGS65X  6594N-WGS80E  7002-60N  6594N-WGS75X  6594N-WGS97
 6594B-WGS64  6594B-WGD75  6594B-WGD45  6594B-WGL60  6594B-WGD65L  6594N-WGS75
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