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The vital granule T-Blend®SEBS foaming material has high elongation, firmness, better compression-proof deformation, soft touch, excellent low temperature resistance and anti-slippery performance. With its excellent flexibility and reboundness, the SEBS foaming rubber material has better performance than EVA and is similar to PU and CR foaming in touch. Active T-Blend®SEBS foaming rubber is highly compatible with raw materials such as EPDM, EVA and SBR and its simplified formula and manufacturing process allow it more competition advantages. The main applications include Yoga pads, sports products, high class comfortable shoes and foaming modification.
Low temperature resistance
Compatible with various rubber materials
Shock-proof and highly flexible
Anti-slipper and wear resistance
Easiness to process to reduce the production cost
Toxicity and odor free

 4003-75N-S  4003-45N  4003-40N-S
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