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T-Blend® SEBS foaming modifier is noted for their toughness, flexibility, low compressions set, high tenacity, soft texture, abrasion resistance, and anti-slip properties. T-Blend® SEBS foaming modifier is highly compatible with raw materials such as EPDM, EVA. And its simplified formula and manufacturing process makes ideal for applications. T-Blend® SEBS foaming modifier is a major material for the shoe industry and foaming modifications. Its properties make shoes comfortable, safe, durable and attractive. It helps manufactures realize new design possibilities and create a value-added for their products.
Excellent anti-vibration & texture
Good rebound and impact resistance
Non-slip and good abrasion resistance
Good low temperature resistance
Ultra-soft grades available

 4010N-FM-A  4000N-FM  1000N-FM  7500N-FM
TSRC has own know-how about materials to compound SEBS-based T-Blend®OSC Materials for customization. And that would be used for shoe manufacturing directly to simplify the compound process and material-purchasing to get costs down. Using T-Blend®OSC Materials would avoid materials heated again and make the physical properties consistent. It must be helpful to raise the yield rate with less-destructiveness in compounding. Its excellent coloring skills with different hardness would suit for two-shot foaming process to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
Simplify the compound process
Simplify the material-purchasing
Customized formula for clients
High stability product
Increasing the product yield rates
Excellent coloring skills
Suitable for Two-Shot Molding

 4050-40N  4050-50N  4050-52N  4050-55N  4050-65N  4080-55N
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