TSRC has accumulated more than 30 years of technology and experience since its establishment in 1973. The company has moved forward constantly throughout its corporate history, transforming itself from a supplier of materials in the early years into a specialist in refining rubber production processes and applications. TSRC produces all kinds of commodity and specialty products within the synthetic rubber industry and has successfully established the Taipol®& T-Blend®brand. Except for providing high quality materials at reasonable price, even more diversifying into electronic, sports, home appliance, medical care and daily products, thereby remolding the role that rubber plays in our daily lives, and improving comfort and convenience of life for everybody. Especially upon technical development of TPE products, we have independently developed in recent year high-value-added SEBS product along with simplified, cost-reducing second-generation SEBS production processes. In the future, TSRC will focus on the development of third-generation SEBS technology as well as the application of environmental-friendly materials in the hope of satisfying the needs of still more customers and creating even more competitive market value.

As for custom service, TSRC cultivates R&D & custom service specialists who develop the best process technology and provide full-spectrum after-sales and processing services, and works with clients to develop and improve rubber materials as well as expand product applications. These efforts make us the most trustworthy partners for our customers. TSRC has followed the spirit of innovation ever since its inception, installing large amounts of sophisticated instruments and equipment and aggressively developing technologies for production expansion and processing applications. Personnel are constantly developed through cooperation with domestic and overseas academic and technological organizations, and the company strives to strengthen its competitiveness in the rubber market through integrating customer demand and enhancing value.

 To meet the above goals and needs, TSRC established the Application Material Business Division in 2008, which is primarily responsible for market development and sales of TPE (SEBS/SBS/SIS) products and Compounding products. In July, 2004, TSRC established the TPE Application Research Center, which is dedicated to R&D and support for SEBS applications and customer services to achieve all-round service objectives.

1973.07 TSRC is established in Taipei and its production site is located in Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1984.05 Construction of a 20,000 MT/yr. Styrene Block Copolymer Type Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plant.
1994.01 Kaohsiung Plant passed ISO-9002 quality system certification.
1994.04 Developing new type TPE and building the second TPE production line resulting the TPE total capacity of 54,000MT/Yr.
1995.05 Successfully developed the hydrogenated type TPE product ready for the commercialization.
1996.02 Reception of honorable prize in “Great Achievement of Industrial R&Dgranted by MOEA.
1997.01 Kaohsiung Plant passed ISO-9001 quality system certification.
1998.02 Kaohsiung Plant passed ISO-14001 quality and environment system certification.
1999.11 Change the name of Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corporation to the present name of TSRC Corporation and Redesign the New CIS Logo symbolizing the diversified business development for the future.
2001.03 Established Synthetic Rubber Division, Application Materials Division and Investment Division to formulate a responsibility accounting mechanism.
2001.08 Investment in shanghai, TSRC Shanghai commenced commercial operation, to enhance market position in Greater China.
2002.02 SEBS test-run succeeded in TPE plant, a gateway to versatile rubber applications.
2005~ New SEBS hydrogenated catalyst technology developed successfully and put into production.
2007~ TSRC Jinan (China) started mass production.
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