TAIPOL® TPE Thermoplastic elastomer is a Styrenic Block Copolymer (SBC) formed by styrene and other monomers. This TSRC product line includes SBC series using butadiene as the fitted monomer, and SIS series using isoprene as the fitted monomer, as well as the second-generation product SEBS consisting of SBS that has been hydrogenated to be even more outstanding weather resistance and with other improved properties.

Due to the thermoplastic rubber TPE has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber, it is used in large volumes in shoe soles, asphalt modification, plastic modification, and hot-melt adhesives. It can be directly processed, and its cost can be reduced through the recycling of waste material. Shoe soles made from it do not slip easily, making it an important substitute for PVC and vulcanized rubber. TPE also offers the advantages of thermoplasticity, low viscosity, and easy for blending. As a modifying agent for road asphalt, construction asphalt, and waterproofing material, it solves the problem of brittleness in winter and softness in summer, and increases load-bearing capacity. To blend small amounts of TPE into polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, and other polymers substantially increases the impact strength of these plastic materials, and improves their low-temperature resistance; and thus may broaden their application into areas such as medical equipment, auto parts and accessories, exercise equipment, toys, and industrial products. TPE is exceptionally compatible with tackifier resin, and after melt blending they can be made into an adhesive of great strength that conforms to the need for environmental protection and is broadly applicable to pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, labels, disposable diapers, and other sanitary products.

With these three major product lines-SBS, SIS and SEBS-TSRC is able to fill the needs of customers for different ranges of products, giving it a unique competitive advantage in the application of custom-made formulas.

The thermoplastic compound material TPR has increased rapidly for it complying with the requirements of environment protection. We make use of the related technology to promote the vital granule T-Blendproducts. This product is a compounded application material composed primarily of SBS or SEBS, with the characteristics of good touch feeling, adjustable hardness and physical properties, excellent weather and low-temperature resistant, and thermoplastic. The marketing plan of T-Blend products is developed in five industrial scopes (soft materials, wire cables, foaming materials, elastic films, and seal edge strips). Its formulation can be designed to meet the needs of individual customers, and its product scrap can be recycled, thus reducing production costs; and it can be directly injected or extruded, thus saving time. This high-performance, environmentally friendly material brings the plastic molding industry a wider range of applications and potential for the development of products in a broad variety of fields such as daily-use items, super-soft gels, halogen free flame-retardant wire & cable application, SEBS foaming materials, window and refrigerator door gaskets, and elastomeric films.

TSRC operates the vital granule T-Blend®TPE Application Material plants in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Song-Jiang, Shanghai; providing an annual capacity of 27,000 metric tons, as well as sales offices in Taiwan, Eastern China, Northern China, and Southern China. Constant efforts will be devoted to the expansion of other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, to the promotion of new products, and to the development of new materials.

Further, TSRC has established a "TPE Application Center" in Kaohsiung to serve as a bridge for communication with customers. In addition to bringing in advanced sophisticated instruments and equipments, the Center’s elite R&D team carries out close technological cooperation with overseas academic organizations and professional research institutions, primarily with the aim of expanding the scope of application of SEBS and its compounding products.

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