Provide a full line of SBC products
FDA and EU Directives compliant
BHT ,TNPP & Nonylphenol free
Strong team of technical experts
Soft touch, modifiable physical properties
FDA, RoHS and PAHs compliant
Compatible with a road range of plastics
Can be formulated to meet customer’s needs
Suitable for injection, extrusion and blow molding
Easy mold release, excellent dimensional stability
Scrap recyclable, no toxic VOC
Design flexibility, replace traditional rubber
Soft texture, improved ergonomics
Non-slip, anti-vibration
Compatible with a variety of plastics
Halogen free, flame retardant grades available
WEEE, RoHS, and UL compliant
No Dioxin under combustion
Good flexibility, environmental friendly
Soft texture, and anti-slip, high resilience
Low compression set
Highly stretchable, high toughness
Fine cells, light weight
One-tenth the modulus of TPU
Flexible, soft-tactile feel
Environmentally friendly material
Excellent weather resistance
Excellent flexibility and quality
Easy processing, low processing cost
Excellent sealed water-proof
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