The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) has broad applications and its derivative product, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), is widely favored in the market with its toxicity-free, pollution-free, recyclable and environmental protection features. TPE and TPR offered by TSRC can gradually substitute PVC and some of the traditional rubber and are used extensively in a wide variety of products including halogen free/fire resistant low voltage wires, extrusion sealing bars, foaming materials, gardening or kitchen utensils, packaging materials and accessories. With the development of the downstream industries and increasingly stricter requirements imposed on environmental protection, TSRC will remain committed to the development of new value added products and technologies and continue to devote R&D personnel and resources by improving the manufacturing techniques to offer products and services to the satisfaction of the customers.
Item Result
Development of new environment friendly TPE (SSBR, SIS) products Developed new products that do not contain phenol, TNPP, BHT and sulfur antioxidant for TPR applications
Development of new SEBS hydrogenated catalyst technology Implemented the SIBR Program of Industrial Technology Department of MOEA, applied the technology in improving the process on the site and will start mass production.
Development of new TPE materials for special purposes Developed new pilot laboratory TPE products for special purposes.
Development of new polymers for electronic applications Developed the pilot scale technology of new polymer processes for electronic applications.
Development of new T-Blend products Developed SEBS foaming materials for yoga pads/TPE film products, injection and extrusion low smoke, halogen free and fire resistant TPR for wire/cable applications, TPE window/door sealing bar and refrigerator sealing materials.
(1) Commercial mass production and promotion of new SEBS processes
(2) Develop new polymers for applications in the photo-electric industry
(3) Commercial mass production and promotion of new TPE products for adhesive agents.
(4) Develop low power wires/cables, SEBS foaming, TPE film, electronics, sealing bars and auto parts & components and materials.
(5) Develop process equipment continuously.
(6) Communicate with the academic circle and customers continuously to create product values.
(7) Enhance partnership with customers in the mixer industry and adhesive agent industry continuously to promote the high value added products.
(8) Enhance technology service capabilities continuously to promote discussion on industrial application technologies.
(9) Promote the application of wires/cables, SEBS foam, film, electronics, telecommunication equipment parts continuously.
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