We have excellent technical personnel, advanced chemical analytical instruments as well as physical property analytical equipment and actively carry out research on processes and application technologies in partnership with the academic circle and professional technology institutions. Over the years, TSRC has grown into a technology innovator and creator from a learner of imported technologies; today, TSRC is playing the role of exporter of rubber industry technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our R&D team used to receive the "4th Great Achievement of Industrial R&D"granted by MOEA and has succeeded in developing various new TPEs in terms of development of raw material manufacturing technologies to create values for the downstream processing industries. As to the processing and application of the raw materials, TSRC has established an application center dedicated to technology development and application technology services of SEBS products to actively provide high value added services relating to the new materials.

 Taipol® SEBS may be processed using ordinary rubber processing equipment or plastic processing equipment; through proper control of the processing temperature and conditions, the quality of the finished products is even and stable. Commonly used processing methods are extrusion, injection and blow molding.
The mixing process of Taipol® SEBS may be done using Twin-Screw extruder or Single-Screw extruder; to achieve the best effects, when using the Twin-Screw extruder, its L/D shall preferable be above 21/1; if the Single-Screw extruder is used, it is recommended that its L/D be above 30/1; as to the mixing temperature, it is recommended that the mixing temperature be set between 180-230 (subject to adjustment depending on the type of the extruder and the composition of the mixer).
Taipol® SEBS material may be processed into desired finished products using multiple methods and injection is one of the commonly used methods. Before using the injection method, the L/D of the injector shall at least be 15/1, the compression ratio of the screw shall be between 2/1-/1, the injection temperature depends on the composition of the material injected and generally ranges between 190-230
Blow molding
Blow molding is generally done using the down blow PP blowing machine, up blow PE blowing machine, irregular T-die extruder/profile extruder as well as casting extrusion, involving such processes as inflation, baking, and film reeling. Generally speaking, the extrusion speed, reeling speed and strength of the blowing wind determine the thickness of the finished products.
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