"Do It Right At the First Time"the management foundation practiced by our entire workforce, prevents irregularities from moving through the stages of our operations, assuring harmony and perfection in every phase of company operation--from marketing and sales, design and purchasing, on to manufacturing, and finally delivery and customer service. We accomplish this through ongoing staff training and education, ensuring that all employees adhere to company working regulations, and the PDCA approach, the best way to implement and secure superior quality in our operations.

Our operation philosophy is to meet all customer demands. Our mastery of market trends allows us to perceive our customerspotential needs, which motivate us to make continuous improvements. Our unceasing innovation adds value to our products, earning us the trust of our customers and leading to a “win-winsituation for our clients and TSRC.

TSRC Kaohsiung Plant has
  passed the ISO-9002, ISO-9001
  and ISO-14001 quality system certification.
TSRC Shanghai Plant has passed
  the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality
As to the environmental protection responsibilities, we utilize raw materials and processes that have the least impact on the environment and human body, develop environment friendly and recyclable products and make investments in brand new instruments for the production line. The cooling water is recycled and used for the process, the waste water of BR plant is recycled for the hot water circulation project and used for the cooling water tower to save energy and reduce waste discharge; in addition, we incinerate the dry waste gas of finished products such as SBR, BR and TPE, the rainstorm of the plants is collected, the rain and the wastewater are discharged and controlled separately to improve the environmental conditions and protect them rivers from being polluted during the process. Moreover, underground water monitoring wells are established and soil sampling inspections are performed for pollution prevention and control.
We shall reduce environmental impacts by using resources in a sensible manner and by
  requiring that raw materials, products, and manufacturing process developments and improvements pass safety, health, and environmental assessments.
We shall continuously provide training and guidance to employees and contractors to ensure
  that they understand and obey environment, health, and safety laws, regulations, and other requirements. We shall make it clear that waste reduction is the responsibility of all employees.
We shall continuously improve our environmental performance through setting energy saving
  and waste reduction targets, and by implementing production and environmental management systems.
In the pursuit of reasonable corporate profit, we shall give equal importance to considerations
  of product quality, environmental protection, and cost.
With human at the center, the following operation specifications are implemented to achieve the objective of zero disaster.
Technology:We build the development of all production and management technologies upon
Safety - culture:Continuously improve the safety performance and establish an outstanding
  safety culture through establishing objectives and incentive measures and participation of all staff in safety organization and operation.
Responsibility:Compliance with the laws and regulations relating to HSE is more of my
  responsibility rather than a corporate social responsibility
Communication:Allow the staff and the contractors to understand and implement safe
  operation procedures through education, training and safety meetings.
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