As a leading synthetic rubber manufacturer in Asian, TSRC has evolved, through several decades of technology improvement, from a producer of materials to a leader that uses market-based knowledge to meet customer demands.Under the promotion of the board chairman & CEO, the TPE Application Center was established in July 2004. The main function is to promote the SEBS product line by expanding its product applications. As a result, TSRC has developed value-added solutions that include new material and new technology development, consulting, design, research, and supply of materials.

TPE Application Center is equipped with many advanced instruments. In addition to creating new developments on its own, the Application Center also engages the assistance of overseas technical advisers, cooperates with international academic organizations and industrial designers to create value-added products and technical services. The establishment of TSRC’s Application Center clearly demonstrates our determination to assist our customers for their needs.

Application technologies of SEBS/SBS/SIS
Technologies of TPE Compounding
New material application of foaming/wire & cable/ soft touch fields
Application of asphalt modification and plastic modification
Development of new SEBS materials
Technical services and training for customers
Technical instruction and technology transfer
Assisting customers in designing and improving formulations
Assisting customers in improving field production process
Assisting customers insetting up laboratories
Sample analysis
Physical property testing of finished products
Selecting suitable raw materials and providing technical information
Building related technology data bases
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